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Here you can read testimonials from participants
who have completed online Vedic Art courses with Ania Witwitzka.
Read on and allow yourself to be inspired!

I found myself open, explorative, not pushing for answers, not self critical, not analytical. I also found how to access art/creativity without cognitive process – how to access what I’m trying to express.

Julia, England

I would definitely recommend the course to all who wants to paint! Ania’s passion for painting as well as teaching is obvious when she guides and inspires us (as participants) and she is very present, encouraging and generous.

Doing the online course invites a flexibility and opportunity and I learned a lot about my creative process. That it’s not always easy to get started but that the most important thing is to show up. I’ve seen the value of a mindset that there is no destination and how rewarding it is to go on no matter what I experience. This opens up my creativity so much!

Sonia, Sweden/Holland

I am very happy to have participated in Ania’s Vedic Art Course. I did not know at all what to expect but Ania is very good at providing a safe, relaxed and fun environment where we naturally open for the full offerings of the course.

It was wonderful to see her sharing her passion for painting so generously, and she has a gift for transmitting that effortlessly, as well as empowering us to explore and have fun.

I found her to be a very encouraging, available and dedicated teacher, and very appreciative of our involvement and work together. I always looked forward to spending time in the group on the course and to work on the exercises suggested in my own time.

I discovered that I can paint beautiful things without any effort whatsoever because Ania helped me to re-open the door of playful creativity where nothing is expected and everything is possible. I’ve had so much fun and have been amazed at what I can do with the right guidance and plenty of space to experiment.

Ania’s knowledge of art in her own practice is very supportive on the course and it is fascinating to ask her to share about her own experience. Thank you so much dearest Ania!

Gaelle, Scotland

I’m a happy participant of an Online Vedic Art course organised by Ania. Taking part in it was one of the best decisions. Ania is a great teacher, sharing her experience wisely and gently in a perfect way. She is very understanding and a great listener who gives perfect advice in the right moments.

Her intuition and awareness of the creative process allows me growth in leaps. The rhythm of meetings is also very beneficial, gives me time for practicing, learning from my own practice and growth. And all of that happens in my private space. I participated in a few Vedic Art courses already and every one of them was very important on my way, and now with Ania’s guidance I’m making amazing progress…she opens the door for you where you can meet your own unique way of creation…she is very respectful of individual creative process so, even though it is a group course, I feel as though I’m on a one to one course.

Vedic Art is a beautiful experience…it showed me a part of me I didn’t have access to. It opened me for creation, but also for better understanding of life process. I can enjoy painting now, I discover new layers of myself during painting which is an amazing adventure, and I act differently in life too…

Karolina, England/Poland

Ania’s guidance in my painting process has been of great importance. I come from a position where I had” painted myself into a corner “of right and wrong, so much so that I lost the desire and willingness to even hold a painting brush. Ania succeed in helping me to see that the resistance is only about thoughts that come up, and I can let them just be, and instead follow the spontaneous wish to take shape on the canvas. Ania’s teaching method is open and allowing. She listens carefully and gives honest and helpful feedback. This feedback has taken me further on the path to dare to trust myself, to get to know myself and my true expression. Ania has the gift of making the group a safe space, which makes it easy to share about both failures and successes. Ania always give more than expected. I am so happy to have regained my inspiration for painting thanks to our sessions.

Catrin, Sweden

Ania is a generous person who engages and spreads warmth and love as a course leader. She listens and gives support for the students to be where you are, and to dare to step forth. Thanks to Ania’s support and encouragement I have lifted my painting to new levels where it will get more place in my life.

Ann-Mari, Sweden

The threatening ghost of achievement dissolves into thin air when Ania leads the group with ease, creating a permission field for all and share her great knowledge of Vedic Art and its founder. She leads the course in a warm, calm and allowing fashion, with a personal twist and with humour she shares about her own experience and offers tips from her own artistry.

Yvonne, Sweden

I grew up in a family with a painting mother and in my life painting was my core expression from the time I could walk. Today I work as an architect, a profession in which creativity and drawing is an important part, but where function is primary and the artistic freedom is therefore limited. Recently I decided, to take up artistic painting as a compliment to my profession, and thought it would be easy to get started again. I noticed however that there was a barrier, that something had been lost along the way. I could not really reach the joy I used to know before when painting. The Vedic Art course with Ania has dissolved this issue for me. In a way that felt so naturally simple and genius the course helped me find my way back to the playfulness and willingness to experiment. I have rediscovered the cornerstones of painting and this has given me new tools to play with. I would recommend the Vedic Art course to anyone who has the lightest interest in painting, as what is given here makes it so much more fun to paint.

Alexander, Sweden

The course experience was rewarding, challenging, fun, a great way to meet new people and connect in a safe environment. Ania’s leadership was very warm, friendly and encouraging.

Claire, England

Ania is a wonderful communicator. She is constantly present, insightful and inspiring. I have gained a more relaxed and playful relationship to expressing myself on canvas and on paper.

Sidsel, Norway

It was a whole new experience for me, very healing, very reflective. Ania has an open and inviting style of leadership.

Jade, England

I liked experimenting using different paints and allowing myself to explore.

Vic, England

Very easy to follow…I did things I have never tried before… exhilarating, exciting, fun – I was feeling creative! Ania provides a perfect type of leadership: offering ideas and guidance without being controlling.

Angela, England

During the autumn, I took a continuation course online with Ania. As I see myself as a summer painter, I thought that this could be a way for me to keep on painting also during the rest of the year.

When one is taking on a new routine/habit in ones everyday life, then you inevitably face all kinds of resistance. Ania’s own experience of this is priceless. She is warm, humbly listening and sharp in her analysis of the problems that occurs. She knows the resistance we are struggling with. The generous ways in which she share her knowledge, both regarding the painting techniques as well as her approach to it, supports me in creating and expanding the space for painting in my life.

What the course has given me so far, except for Ania’s poetic expression and heart felt dedication, is that I set up a time in my calendar for painting and I create the space and make it possible to have paintings in progress in my home. Continuity is important even if the resistance is there – sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes not at all. When the resistance appears then I have Ania and the group to support me.

Sanna, Sweden